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"for people who want to learn how to play guitar, and fast"

American Songwriter, Music Magazine

6  reasons why you’ll love learning here.

Level up your skills with the lessons, teachers, and practice tools trusted by 93,075 active students.

Guided Workouts

Stay inspired with guided workouts where you'll play along with your teacher in real time.

10-Level Curriculum

The most trusted step-by-step video lessons for every technique, pattern, and style.

World Class Teachers

Practical Assignments

The best drummers are here - including Grammy Award winners touring musicians.

Keep up your progress with clear assignments and handy practice tools for every level.

Downloadable Videos

Personalized Support

Stream your lessons OR download your videos so you can practice anywhere, anytime.

Get weekly live streams, student lesson plans, and access to a global drum community.

Real Teachers, Real Results

Amplify your skills with exclusive artist courses + live events with special guests.


Improve your skills in just 10 minutes a day.

Your daily energy boost. 

Practice with your heroes. 

You shouldn't lose momentum between lessons. We’ll help you play every day with fun guided practice sessions.

Your favorite guitarists and teachers will share their tips, cheer you along, and help you learn by playing!

Build better habits. 

The best way to build habits is to start with small habits. Our bite-sized sessions make it easier to practice & play more often.

Play your favorite songs.

You’ll have all the tools you need to make sure you never miss a beat.

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1000+ popular songs.

Get note-for-note song breakdowns for every style, era, and skill level.

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Find the perfect tempo.

Slow down or speed up any section of a song to hear every note.

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Loop the trouble spots.

Create practice loops to play-through those difficult parts over and over.

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Improve your timing.

Use the built-in-metronome – your new best friend for difficult rhythms.

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Take your songs anywhere.

Accessible on any device, or printable, so you can play any song, any time.



Rated 4.8/5 based on 1,917 student reviews. See the reviews »

I’m lightyears ahead of where I was at. And no matter where I go, I’ll always have one of my guitars in the passenger seat. The life long journey has begun!

Ërlik Sörensen


I feel happy and more confident while playing. I played my first song with mini barre chords and actually enjoyed it. I’ve never done that before!

Athina Katri  


I’m already playing things that were a nightmare to me before. Strumming patterns, smoothly changing chords, and improvisation of different scales. The frustration is over. 

Vetriselvi Senguttuvan 


Things that I’ve struggled with for years have been explained in ways that make sense – and the Guitareo instructors have helped me become more comfortable.

WJ Williams 

Georgia, USA

The goal-based learning makes each set of lessons more entertaining and a feeling of accomplishment when completed. I had a feeling of joy that I’ve never had before when playing guitar.

Jamie K


I like the sincerity, knowledge, and positivity. They got me started on my journey and gave me confidence. Now I’m excited to practice and I can actually say “I’m a guitarist!” 

Jim McKenna 

Illinois, USA







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The world's best guitar lessons.

1000+ songs.

Unlimited personal support

Join a community of  91,156 students.

Lesson access for drums, piano, and singing.

90-day money-back guarantee.

Cancel anytime.

The world's best guitar lessons.

1000+ songs.

Unlimited personal support

Join a community of 91,156 students.

Lesson access for drums, piano, and singing.

90-day money-back guarantee.

Cancel anytime.

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Available across web,tablet, & mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guitareo?

Guitareo is an online platform that offers an organized guitar lesson curriculum, artist courses on popular topics, 1000+ songs transcribed note-for-note, and a supportive global community of students and teachers.

Do I get free access to Drumeo, Singeo, and Pianote with my Guitareo Membership?

Absolutely! As a Guitareo member, you'll receive free access to our other premium memberships like Pianote, Singeo, and Drumeo! Yes, you now have access to additional instruments and expanding your musical horizons at your own pace, that best suits your musical journey.

Is Guitareo good for beginners?

Yes! You’ll always know what to practice with step-by-step video lessons – plus have fun applying your new skills to your favorite songs, sorted by skill level. And if you ever need help, you’ll have unlimited personal support through live Q&A sessions, student reviews, and a helpful community.

Does Guitareo have anything for advanced guitarists?

Guitareo is the perfect companion for advanced guitarists, giving you access to artist courses so you can gain insights and inspiration from Grammy Award winners, chart-topping performers, and trending musicians – with a growing library of artist courses on a variety of topics.

Am I too old to start guitar lessons?

You’re never too old to learn guitar. Guitareo has a community of students of all ages, from all around the world. Whether you’re 40, 50, 60, 70, or beyond – you’ll connect with guitarists just like you who are learning and applying their skills to music.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to learn through your app?

Not at all! Guitareo is designed to help you find lessons and songs easily. And if you ever get stuck, you can contact our Student Experience team by phone or email for prompt and helpful support.

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